Learning Castle

Learning Castle

Learning Castle is an educational app to actively engage children while improving skills in academic areas. We currently have math and spelling games, and are continuing to build on the app with new and exciting activities to practice a variety of skills.

Math Blocks: Flash Cards is fun for students and adults of all ages.

Math Blocks: Flash Cards can help improve your child's math fact fluency in a fun and interactive game. Choose the type of problems and the speed most appropriate for your child and watch their mental math skills take off.

Spelling is a fun and interactive way to practice your weekly spelling words.

Maze is a remote control spaceship game. The ship can be guided through a numbered maze while practicing learned concepts such as number sequencing, skip counting, and odds and evens.

ABC Order provides a fun and interactive way for kids to sort words in ABC order. The number of words and difficulty will increase with skill level.

Running allows kids to improve their spelling while navigating a jungle and jumping over obstacles.